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Why Should You Choose KWH?

  • We cost you NOTHING out of pocket for our analysis, we are compensated by the electric providers (REPs), dependent upon your kWh usage.
  • We represent YOU... not the REP's
  • We keep track of your contracts and the market - keeping up with trends and expiration dates.
  • One agent will be your contact for the life of your contracts.
  • We are "Your" VP of Energy

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Electricity/Gas Brokerage

KWH will find you the lowest rates possible for your properties. Whether a single meter, or muli-metered properties, we can set up your common areas and CSA's, saving you money and time

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KWH can negotiate Marketing Agreements for your properties using their volume of thousands of units to boost your revenue.

KWH can assist in setting up your temp meters, transitioning to permanent - and getting the best rates possible for both.

Electric/Gas Bill Audits

We Will:
  • Review your gas and electric bills.
  • Complete all analysis neccesary to determine if overcharges have occurred.
  • Fill out all paperwork and submit to proper electric/gas entity.
  • Correct bills so overcharges do not continue.
  • Invoice after we receive word that you have received your refund/credit.
  • Cost to you - nothing out of pocket - even if we determine that you are not due a refund/credit. All future savings are yours alone!

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