Buying Tips

To make your buying expereince the best possible KWH Light Bulb Solutions has put together this helpful list of buying tips.

  •   If you can not replace all your bulbs with LED right now, focus on those you use the most.
  •   Most homes use a bulb equal to a 2700K brightness. If you want a bright white bulb, then the 4000K is best for you. K stands for Kelvin; the brightness you desire.
  •   We list our bulbs as equivalent to 40 or 60 watt. The LED term is lumens, but for ordering here you can focus on whether you want bulbs that are comparable to the wattage you are used to having
  •   The standard incandescent bulb is now referred to as an A19.
  •   Some electric coops or electricty suppliers offer rebates for energy saving bulbs. Save your receipt and check with your provider.
  •   Dimmable LED bulbs work with select dimmers. Click here for a list of compatible dimmers.

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